Thank you, Daddy

I've been wished to buy two important stuff for my son but I don't have budget for it so I told my husband what I wished for. Without hesitation, he bought it!! I feel so thankful! Since we lived in Semenanjung so the shipping is quite fast. My husband bought it I think Sunday and [...]

My new small business

I've been love lipmatte like forever. Last year, one of my church member introduced me this lipmatte from 7AM Cosmetics. It's Malaysia based cosmetics and I immediately feel like want to try it because its seems look great! But, due to budget constraint, I postponed it. Then, this year, I really want to try it [...]


Hi there! I think it's not too late to do something new this new year right? So, here I present to you guys!! THE NEW KERIITLETO.COM Do you notice something NEW on I hope you notice it! I changed for a better than before! What's new? Devices friendly My old website really not [...]

Cara-cara membuat kuih kicap

Hi semua! Kali ini saya akan share satu Borneo food resepi iaitu kuih kicap.Dalam banyak banyak kuih di dunia ini, kuih kicap menjadi kegemaranku. Saya masih ingat kesedapan kuih kicap yang dibuat oleh Aunty Cina yang jual di pasar Belaga. Itulah yang dinanti-nantikan kalau tengah berjualan sayur disana. Apabila berpindah ke Semenanjung, saya jarang menikmatinya, [...]

Tips for leaving the house with your baby

Today we have an appointment at government clinic because the nurse want to monitor his weights, heights and others. My son is fine! Leaving the house with my baby is one of my struggle before.Before the day we will going out, I already start packing and get ready. Sometimes this make me feel stress. So, [...]