Being a new parent during the pandemic

Hi there!

I feel I want to share about our experience as a new parent during the pandemic as the journey is not that easy.

This post main goal is to share the glimpse on being parent during the pandemic and my encouragement message.

Being pregnant alone

The pandemic hit our country back in March 2020, that time I’m still pregnant and I thought this will be away after sometimes, but after the government keep extending the MCO(Movement Control Order)/PKP, I knew that, this situation will never get away anytime soon so I prepared my mind and soul for it.

I know that, I will be giving birth alone, which is sad but what to do.

During MCO timing, its really hard for me to find the food that I love to eat because we can’t go anywhere. But, it’s okay, I can bear with that.

Deliver our baby alone

Then, on 1st July 2020, I delivered our baby baby. I still remember that time, its feel so alone and painful. I really need my husband around but he can’t come in to the ward, he just waiting outside the labor room. Which is really sad!

“Berpantang” alone

After I giving birth, another thing to worry about is who going to take care of me during my “pantang” time. I prayed so hard so my mum can come to Semenanjung. Thanks to God, “Tuhan buka jalan”, my mum able to come here since during that time its PKPP ( Fasa pemulihan), puji Tuhan!! My mum just take care of me for 1 month and I am super grateful for that. On August 2020, my in laws come visit. I am super duper grateful for that moment.

Celebrated important events on our own

This part is really hurt me so bad. I am really feel so down when government announced we can’t “rentas negeri” and if we want to go, we need to take swab test. How can my son do the swab test? I’m as adult already feel so hurt by that swab test, how about my baby? So, we decided to not to going back to Sabah or Sarawak. I feel so hurt! The last time, I saw my dad is during my wedding day, September 2019. It’s been 1 years plus now! This one really really hurt me! Also, we celebrated my son 100 days on our own, we can’t invite anyone because we are scared and we have our baby.

I feel really bad for my son

Above all, I really feel bad for my son! He didn’t get to know this beautiful world. He just see our four white walls, see people via video calls and just “jalan-jalan” at our house area. I feel so bad! Also, he just know me, my husband and Wiwie in his life.


What I can conclude my new role as a parent during the pandemic is very very challenging! I didn’t managed it well. I emotionally exhausted, physically tired and spiritually drained. I tried my best to recover myself from all these and I know, it’s take time!

Lastly, I knew its very challenging but I don’t want to give up! I will recover soon, be stronger then yesterday.

If you’re new parent, how about your journey so far?



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Hi there! I’m Paya Roni (Aya). I’m Orang Ulu from Kg Data Kakus, Sarawak | Married to Maclare | Mum to Karl Sibal | I worked as Software QA Engineer & Lifestyle blogger/vlogger

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