Hi there!

I think it’s not too late to do something new this new year right?

So, here I present to you guys!! THE NEW KERIITLETO.COM

Do you notice something NEW on I hope you notice it!

I changed for a better than before!

What’s new?

Devices friendly

My old website really not devices friendly and I don’t really like that. If my website is not devices friendly then it will be not users/reader friendly too as not everyone using desktop now but most of you using your phone right? So, I decided to improve that. Can you see the improvement?

If it’s still not improved, please do let me know.

Secured sites

My previous website is not secure ( http), I am sorry and I hope there’s nothing happen to your side for this.

Now the site is secured ( https) so you can browse securely. There will be future plan why I make it secured site so stay tune for that.

My new vision and mission

Previously I write about my lifestyle in Semenanjung but this time, I have a vision and mission for my website. I love to share my experiences as a new parent and I love Borneo food so why not go for this.

Vision: One stop centre for a new parent and preserved Borneo food recipes and Borneo related stuffs.

Mission: To help new parent on their journey especially in mental health and make my readers want to make or try Borneo Food and Borneo related stuffs.

Still in progress

I just changed my blog hosting from blogger to webpress so please do expect some changes and I hope you can bear with this still in progress moment.

Thank you so much for visit and read my blog.

I will do my best to write something useful, entertained and inspired post for you guys.

Stay tuned and stay healthy.



Published by keriitleto

Hi there! I’m Paya Roni (Aya). I’m Orang Ulu from Kg Data Kakus, Sarawak | Married to Maclare | Mum to Karl Sibal | I worked as Software QA Engineer & Lifestyle blogger/vlogger

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