A love letter to my husband

My husband and our so

On 13/Feb/2021, this is our conversation,

“Dear, esok hari apa?” with lovey dovey face( to give him signal).

He replied ” Hari Ahad”

I was “What!!!” (typical girl reaction), yes, it’s Sunday and it’s Valentine’s day!!

He didn’t know or he didn’t aware…


His action after that, is I love the most. His action is speak louder than a words. He do a lot of things yesterday. I assumed he like to expressed his appreciation ( but he always do these whenever he want to).

He vacuumed our house…

He even cuci our vacuum which I always try to avoid.

He taking care of our baby the whole weekend

During weekend, we focused on our son as during the weekday, we busy with our work, especially my husband, he still need to go to office while as for me, I work from home but still busy with work. We taking care of our son together but most of the time, he ooi ooi and I will do some other stuffs like cooking and washing dishes. Sometimes, he asked me to “tepi” so he can be near to our son. I love this.

He making formula milk for our baby

This look very small things but I really really appreciate and love this.

any many more…

I am very very grateful wife.

I texted him saying thank you for what he did yesterday and for whatever he did for our family. It’s really make me happy and “bahagia”, I don’t want chocolates ( my sis in law did give us), flowers or any gift because I got my biggest and precious gift ever!! My husband.

To my single friend, don’t be scared to get married. It’s blessed to have someone with you. Just my advise, choose wisely because the choice is yours.

My husband is not a perfect man, he did has his flaws ( same goes to me) but I want to remember the best things about him, his efforts and his love.

While we are at this, let’s love each others sincerely.

Your lovely wife


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Hi there! I’m Paya Roni (Aya). I’m Orang Ulu from Kg Data Kakus, Sarawak | Married to Maclare | Mum to Karl Sibal | I worked as Software QA Engineer & Lifestyle blogger/vlogger

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