My new small business

I’ve been love lipmatte like forever.

Last year, one of my church member introduced me this lipmatte from 7AM Cosmetics. It’s Malaysia based cosmetics and I immediately feel like want to try it because its seems look great! But, due to budget constraint, I postponed it.

Then, this year, I really want to try it and if its okay, I will sell it too. So, I tried the Student Edition Minimate. And, I am IN!

7AM have 6 products ( Before I sell any products, I will try and if its okay on me, I will study the products knowledge first). So, here from what I’ve learn.

(1) Luvmatte Edition

(2) Carerra Lipstick

(4) Student Matte edition

(5) Studio Filter Foundation

It’s come in 2 types,

(a) Normal size(25ml)

(b) Mini size ( 5ml)

(6) Cleansing Puff

For now, I am focus on Lipmatte since this is what I love.

But, I will try others products and let’s see.

If you feel you want to try, feel free to whatsapp me,

If you want to see the product catalogue, you can visit all my social media

Thank you for your support!



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Hi there! I’m Paya Roni (Aya). I’m Orang Ulu from Kg Data Kakus, Sarawak | Married to Maclare | Mum to Karl Sibal | I worked as Software QA Engineer & Lifestyle blogger/vlogger

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