10 tips for new mum from another new mum

I still can’t believe I’m being a mum for 8 months now…whoa!

I have learned so much for these past 8 months, so I want to shared my tips based on my experience and what I read.

  1. Motherhood is a journey

After I become a mum. I received a lot of advise from my friends, my sisters, my mum and my mother in laws. I really appreciate all the advises. But, not all advises is work for me. Sometimes I try to apply it but its not work, its okay. One common advise that I received is “Nap while the baby was napping”. This never work on me because I tend to “terlajak tido” so I prefer not to sleep. And, during this time, I try my best to find a new tips and get social like whatsapp my friends or watching my favorite Youtube channel. I need a entertainment too. The key here is find what works for you and forget what is not. Every baby and every mum is different. Don’t worry if some advise its not work for you.

2. Try to relax a little

Raising a baby start from day 1 is very very challenging. All you want is your baby is always healthy and never get sick. When the baby get sick, don’t panicking. I panicking a lot during my early day as a new mum. What I have learned is try to relax a little and at the same time, please monitor the baby closely. Janganlah pula sambil lewa… you have common sense.

3. Sometimes you don’t get everything done

It’s okay even the house is a mess and you haven’t completed anything on that day. Sometimes you don’t get everything done that you want to. It’s normal. Some days feel like forever and when your husband comes home, your house might look like “tokang pecah”. Some days, you might order fast food, feel like you don’t want to cook. That really is fine. You are a mom, you are doing a super hard job. If you have a day where you don’t get everything done on your to do list, it’s okay. You’re human and you’re amazing.

4. Love your body

This is something that I’m struggle with. Every day I need to told myself to love my body because everyday I hate my body. I gave birth 8 months ago and I still had a baggy and flabby tummy and the varicose veins will take time to go away.Your body is incredible, you pushed a baby out of your body. There was a human baby inside of you for nine months! Of course it will take time to back to normal. Be patient and be grateful for what your amazing body has done. Be nice to it and don’t get down on yourself.

5. Don’t let the mom quilt creep in

From the start of your motherhood, you should keep in mind that, mom guilt is a destructive habit. I have mum quilt whenever I going out or do what I love. But, before I got the baby, I do such things so not such thing to be guilty. You doing that for the sake of your sanity. Unless if you doing it too much then that’s different story. Every other mama out there is different than your life. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. Please remember, there’s no perfect mum so don’t feel bad for not being able to do everything all the time.

6. Don’t always on your phones

I really try my best doing this. I admit that, I am a mum that always on phone but I always realised its bad habit and I feel guilty to my son. I will put my phone away when my baby awake. When he sleep then I on my phones. I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that me and my husband are always on our phones. When your baby is awake, be with him. Don’t half with baby and half on Social media. Don’t get caught up in wasting time scrolling through photos and status of people you haven’t see since high school. Who care what they are doing? Your kids need you and putting your phone in a different room while you with them is not going to be something your regret.

7. Find a hobby outside of mothering

Motherhood is incredible but if you don’t have a hobby then you are going to be get burn out faster. I love blogging and its help to always learning and challenge me. It’s good to have a hobby as its good for your sanity. No matter what it is, please do your hobby too.

8. Listen to your heart

If there’s something wrong with your baby, go check on your baby. If you don’t feel good about doing something someone has suggested, don’t do it. You know your baby well than anyone else, so you make the final decision on what you do on your baby.

9. Always say “I love you”

As for me and my husband, we always say ” I love you” before we go to work and bedtime. Now, I want to make this as habit to say I love you to my son every goodbye to work, naps time and bedtime. He don’t understand now but I want him to know how I feel about them and its better to start early.

10. Keep memory journals

I am someone that love to remember date, questions for the doctor, things I don’t want to forget. I want to keep memory for his first smile, first laugh, the day he started crawling, funny things he do and say. Write things down! I think my memory get worse after I giving birth.

Pretty much that its! I have many tips but I think for now I will share 10 based on my experience. Remember, every mum is different so if one of this tips doesn’t work for you, its okay. You are different than me and before I go, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on being a new mummy and good luck! It’s the best thing in the world and you are going to love it!

Here is some photos of me and my son.

Do you have any other tips for the first time moms? Let me know.

If you want to know more tips on new mum, new parent and mental health, please don’t forget to follow my blog and see you on next post.



Karl Sibal’s mum ❤

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