Tips for leaving the house with your baby

Today we have an appointment at government clinic because the nurse want to monitor his weights, heights and others. My son is fine!

Leaving the house with my baby is one of my struggle before.Before the day we will going out, I already start packing and get ready. Sometimes this make me feel stress. So, I learned from that experience. So, here I want to share with you the tips for leaving the house with your baby.

1.Prepare one “fixed” baby bag

We have bought few baby bag before our baby is born because we are excited and we don’t know which one will suit me best. After few times, I knew the tiny bag which is the third options is my best. On this bag, I put diapers, wipes, extra outfit, plastic, bottle warmer, clinic book. Everytime we visit clinic or hospital I will bring the same bag. I will make a youtube video to show you guys what did I pack for my fixed baby bag soon.

2. Check the bag always stocked ever time.

Before we went out, I will usually check the bag whether all necessity is enough and if not, I will restock it. The one that usually run out is diapers, so I just restock it. As for wipes its always have stock so no need to restock. Make sure you got everything you need before you leave the house.

3. Bring extra milk powder, hot water and plain water

I am bottle feeding my son so usually I will prepared 2 ready bottle milk and put it on bottle warmer but just in case he so hungry I will bring extra milk powder, hot water and plain water and put it in the car while we visit clinic.

4. Bring sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

This one is compalsury nowadays so sanitizer and sanitizing wipes always ready on my bag.

5. Keep your trip short

We never have such a long trip with our baby yet. Thanks to COVID-19, we can’t go anywhere. We will just leave the house for clinic visit. So, this is depends on the timing at clinic. Sometimes we need a very long time due to so many people but nowadays its short time because they just allowed people that with appointment goin in.

Here are our photos today on our way to visit clinic. Daddy is driving so no photos. hehe


This tips I got from nurse at clinic during my baby just a newborn.

Whenever we want to leave the house with newborn, let your newborn know early, meaning the day before you make a trip, you just tell your baby, tomorrow we will go visit clinic ya, be a good boy.

This tips is working for me.

Before I knew this tips, my baby always cried so hard whenever we visit clinic and that make me feel stressful. After I knew this tips, he didn’t cried that hard anymore. Phewww! I’m not sure if that work for you but you can try.

Hopefully this 5 tips will help you and you will be less stress whenever think to leaving the house with your newborn. Good luck!



Karl’s mum

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