My dad gave additional name to my son

I missed my dad so bad!

Thanks to the technology, I can video call my dad sometimes…

I want to video call him every weekend or everyday but sometimes he don’t want to come out to the area that have an internet coverage. We had very limited internet coverage at kampung.

Today after I told my mum that I missed my dad, he finally agreed to video call.

And, he gave my son additional name which is Karl Sibal Ewang. It’s Ewang. I am not sure why but he told me, he loves that name. That’s my son’s Kenyah name. But, he already have one which is my grandparent on my mum side, Lampung. But, seems like my dad loves Ewang so you can called my son, Ewang too.

Sibal is his Orang Ulu name, its Lundayeh name. I agreed to named my son using Lundayeh name because its my husband and me agreement. For our first son, my husband will give the Orang Ulu name and I will gave the modern name.

I feel so “lega” whenever I called my parent. I missed them a lot and I can’ t wait to going back to Sarawak to see them. My son never met my dad in person and thats make me hurt so bad.

My prayers everyday, God please let this season pass. Its hurt me to my core because I can’t meet my family in person. Why I need to meet them in person, they are my support system and my cheerleader forever. I’ve been missed two Christmas already.

God please make this season pass so quickly, I missed my family and my home so bad.

I feel so thankful for able to talk to my parent today.

Don’t forget to call your parent. Don’t take the moment for granted.



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