Mental health matters | How to prevent it

More than half of Malaysians experience mental health issues during MCO, study reveals

Malay Mail, April 2020

At present, Malaysians facing mental health problems may remain quiet in social or professional settings to avoid any taboo and stigma.

NST,January 2020

This is just a few news that shown that how bad is mental issue and how we Malaysia face it. Malaysian still remain quiet in social and professional to avoid any taboo and stigma, which is so sad. Mental health is just like your physical health. When you feel headache, toothache, stomache or etc, you will go to see the doctor and ask for medicine right? So, same goes to mental health. When you feel something wrong, please seek help.

Back then, I aware that mental illness is matter but I don’t really care much about it because I rather keep quiet about it. If I go to Psychiatric department at hospital, people will think I am about to go mad and I am not sure how that will help.

Early this year, when I face this issue and I tried to cope with it but I really can’t anymore. Of course, my husband and I keep prayed for this. But, just pray and never seek professional help will not make me recover. So, I decided to seek professional help after I feel like something really wrong with my mental health.

Last night I joined one talk about mental health awareness that arranged by Youth Community(P3S2), I’m glad they do something like this as this is so important matter right now. We not just face the pandemic but we also face something that our core which is our mental state.

‘You must love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.’

Mark 12:30

See, you need to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength!

How we know we have a good mental health? Let check yourself ya…

  • Have a sense of purpose and direction
  • Have the energy to do things we want to do
  • Have the ability to deal with challenges
  • Able to fulfil our roles in relationships and at the workplace and contribute to the community

How do I recognize a mental health issue?

  • Affecting your mood over several weeks
  • Impacting people you live and work with
  • Stopping you from getting on with life
  • Causing you to have thoughts of suicide
  • Making you more tired than usual, demotivated and etc..

Before you go to clinic or hospital, you can do some assesment to make sure its a issues or not because sometimes you feel this way because of some event in your life that make you feel sad. But, the key here is its pro longed or overtime feeling. Then, you should seek help professionally.

How to prevent from mental illness?

  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise your body
  • Manage stress: Learn to relax
  • Get enough sleep
  • Create a healthy social life
  • Exercise your mind

I know during the pandemic is hard time for everyone. If you already know you having mental issue, please seek professional help. I recommended you go to Psychiatry Department Government hospital. I know the private is quite expensive so you can go to government hospital first.

Not sure how to start? You can read my blog post –> HERE.

I hope by reading this article it will help you or inspired you.



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