Simple ‘date’ ideas for new parents

I still remember the moment we brought home our brand new baby, we immersed in feeding, diapering and trying to get sleep whenever possible. As for me, I also recovering from delivery and I feel overwhelmed with the new roles in my life. Thanks to my husband, my mum and my brother, I can go through this smoothly.

I think the newborn phase is both blissful and challenging and its easy to put your relationship with your husband on the less priority especially during the pandemic when family and friends may be unable to support you in person. So, you and your husband is very busy for each other to blend in the new life. It’s more important than ever for you and your partner to support each other during this time. You’re a team in parenthood and a healthy relationship is good for both of you as well as for your baby. As often as possible, try to make time for each other in our new routine.

Below are some ‘date’ ideas to reconnect and spice up your relationship.

  • Cooking together

To be really honest, I don’t really know how to cook but I tried my best to cook for the family. I can say, I’m improving haha. I put this as one date idea because I know, some of husband very rare to come to kitchen hahaha but when they come, they cook better than us. As for my family, when my husband come to the kitchen, woww… he cooked more ‘sedap’ haha. It’s very rare for him to come to kitchen because usually when I cooking, he will take care of the baby. Cooking is better way to spice up your relationship.

  • Give each other massage

This is must! No need tell lah! After delivery baby, we ( wife) definitely feel so tired. When we got massage, that is the best. Same goes to the husband, it really tiring the whole day at work so the husband also deserved massage. So, don’t forget to give each other massage ya.

  • Watch movies together at home

Watch a movie at home, whether you watch from Netflix or just Digital TV, make something to eat like popcorn, coffee/soft drink and snuggle up on the couch while watch out the baby sleep. But, since the baby is sleeping, we usually do this quietly hahaha. For us, we love watch P.Ramlee movies, we laughed at it every time, never boring. As for Netflix, we both love watch the action movies but I don’t like to see blood.

  • Share each other funny videos

To be honest, we love staring at our phones nowadays even when we are with our partner. Same goes to us but I want to make a different , even we love to playing/staring our phones, we loved to share what we see on our phones especially the funny videos and quotes. Then, we loved to laughed at it.

  • Take it outside

We both love coffee so sometimes we went out to grab our favorite coffee at nearby coffee shop. I’m glad that coffee shop exist. Usually we went there after work if my husband come back early or weekend, we asked our babysitter to take care of our baby on weekend.

  • Snap a selfies

This one look simple but its very important. This freeze our moment together forever.

  • Walk outside

We love go walk outside our house. Just bring stroller or hold our baby while enjoy the evening breeze. If we able to go to the park, we also love to go there. My husband will jog and me and my baby will walk.

When you have a new baby, it may not be easy to make the time to continue dating your husband but it will be worth it! You might find yourself distracted and experiencing a wide range of emotions, and that’s okay. You’re going through a lot of changes during a incredibly challenging time for the entire world but communicating with each other and being open about what you’re feeling will help you navigate these transitions in a healthy way. Take turns planning and keep it simple. Take time to appreciate and remember what you love about each other.


Aya aka Mrs Maclare aka Karl’s Mom ❤

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