How to do a brain dump and why you need to do it?

Last week I’ve been sharing about self care. After what happen to me, I realised that, self care is one of the most undervalued aspects of my life.

I always feel guilty for taking some time to look after myself even though we have spend so much time to look after others. Mental health as part of self care that often gets overlooked. I always have so many thoughts running through my head at oncer that it can seem overwhelming and I can get panicked at everything I need to get it done. Due to this,

What is brain dump?

A brain dump is a simple techique to help you declutter your mind and thoughts so you can focus on things that need doing. This techique can helps you organize your time and efforts. In a simple word, brain dump is clear and organize your thoughts.

Why should I do brain dump?

To help to reduce stress and anxiety, you free your mental overload

How to do brain dump?

Its simple, all you need is notebook and pen. Or if you love your smartphone, you can do on your notes there. But, I prefer notebook.

Now, you got your notebook and your pen, let’s start WRITE every little thing in your mind and thoughts. Just write!

If you really don’t know how to start, you can use some brain dump ideas as below,

  • What have you been worried about?
  • What do you keep forgetting about?
  • What would make you really happy?
  • Did something go wrong with your day/week?
  • What really worked today/this week?
  • What tasks never seem to get done?
  • Was there something you didn’t get time to do?
  • Is there an upcoming event or special occassion?
  • Is there something you would love to learn?
  • Is someone or something annoying you?

You can start write your brain dump by answering these questions. Tips here, JUST WRITE EVERYTHING in your mind.

Who should do this brain dump?

If you struggle to manage your thoughts and you always feel so “serabut”, you can do this.

Also, if you having anxiety disorder, depression disorder and always overthinking, you can do this too.

How often should I do brain dump?

Its depend on you. If you love to do it daily, go for that. If you love to do it weekly, do it.

My advise is to do it whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or drowning in the lists and tasks running through your mind.

You can also do if you feel stuck with a problem or life issue.

I hope this sharing can help you in your life.


Aya, Mrs Maclare ❤ and Karl’s Mom

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