Karl Sibal is 9 months old

Happy Thursday!

My original plan to celebrate my son become 9 months is release his youtube video but there some technical issue and also I’m thinking, I should release that special video on his first birthday. that more appropriate. So, this time, we just do his mini photoshoot as per usual. This time, he getting so active and its so hard to capture him stay still but I just love all the photos.

Last month, I’m grateful because I fully spend time with my son along with my babysitter. This is the first month I fully spent with him other than my two months maternity leave. I feel so thankful for the time because I got to see him growing everyday. I’m not going to lie, I missed go and doing work but I always think positive about this, after what happened to me. I got to spend full time with my son. I don’t want to think I missed something but I gained something.

Back to my son, he is getting so active and his behaviour is changing. There’s other time he want to sleep on his own and there’s other time he want to oioi by his daddy/babysitter/me. Its unpredictable!

Also, he loves to “membungkar” his things and messed up his toys…haha. I honestly feel tired to pick all that but I know this is normal so its okay lah.

Taking his photos using camera is really nowadays.

He always wanted to “tangkap” the camera.

Thank you for visit and read my blog.



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