Tips for managing anxiety during this pandemic

Hello my friends! Welcome back to my blog.

If you’re first time here, I am Aya and I love to write tips for new parent and mental health as I also new to these two things in life.

For today, I would like to share tips for managing anxiety during this pandemic. Its still on going right now and seems there’s no end date for this pandemic. Most aspects of our life have drastically changed and we have no clarity about what the future holds. I’ve experienced being overwhelmed during this time until I need to seek professional help and you’re not alone. Many people are experiencing some symptoms of anxiety and depression now.

From my research and reading, here are some tips for managing anxiety/depression during this pandemic.

  • Journaling

I think one of the powerful way to manage anxiety is journaling especially with pen and paper. Writing down your thoughts can “released” all your thoughts. Last week I shared about brain dump. This brain dump is one of technique of journaling.

If you find yourself feel so “serabut” but you don’t know why, find a time and place where you won’t be interrupted ( you can ask your friends or family to look after your baby for awhile) and just start writing. If you don’t know what to write, you can start by “What I’m worry about?”, “What I want?” something like that. Be careful not to judge your thoughts and feelings as they flow on the journal. Just write!

  • Get outside

Since we can’t go far from our house why not just go outside our house. Just round the apartment area, breathing in the fresh air are powerful mood booster. Do your best to get outside each day. The flowers, trees and grass along with the breeze will really help you to manage the anxiety/depression.

  • Identify small thing you grateful for

Did you know that a daily gratitude practice can change the wiring in your brain? Our brain is changes based on repeated experiences. When you intentionally look for things you’re grateful for, you brain will eventually respond by directing your attention to positive things and that will bring you happiness. Make time to think of what are you grateful for in your life. You can even put stick on note at wherever you want so its remind you. In our room, I put ” Trial is temporary, God has a future for me”. Learning to notice the little things in life and appreciating them, this can help to endure during this hard time.

  • Stay connected

When we start to do the stay at home or quarantine, this really against our need. We human used to connected with each others by seeing face to face, salam-salaman, and etc but now its new norm, so we need to follow that new norm. We can stay connected with our friends and family by using other medium such as video call or voice call. For work, you can connected via Zoom, Google meets and etc. These technology make it easy to connect. Whenever you feel anxiety, don’t forget to reach out your closed friend or family and share with them. Don’t go through it alone.

  • Don’t forget to do self care

One of way to managing anxiety/depression during this pandemic is do self care. Self care doesn’t mean just massages and mani/pedis. Sometimes like calming music, uplifting podcasts or going outside to feel the fresh air. Do what things you love.

  • Embrace this moment

I know, it’s hard to embrace this hard moment. But, when you look at positive sides, there many positive things happen during this pandemic. We can get close with our family, we bring church to our home, we pray together and many more. In this life, whatever happen, there’s positive and negative side of that event. When you can handle the situations, just choose to think about the positive side.

These are difficult time for everyone and everyone is struggling, its okay. You can start to practice these tips whenever you feel anxiety/depression disorder symptom. If you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion to the degree that it’s hard for you to get through the day, please reach out to a health care professional.

Lastly, remember you are not alone.



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