My new small business

I’ve been love lipmatte like forever.

Last year, one of my church member introduced me this lipmatte from 7AM Cosmetics. It’s Malaysia based cosmetics and I immediately feel like want to try it because its seems look great! But, due to budget constraint, I postponed it.

Then, this year, I really want to try it and if its okay, I will sell it too. So, I tried the Student Edition Minimate. And, I am IN!

7AM have 6 products ( Before I sell any products, I will try and if its okay on me, I will study the products knowledge first). So, here from what I’ve learn.

(1) Luvmatte Edition

(2) Carerra Lipstick

(4) Student Matte edition

(5) Studio Filter Foundation

It’s come in 2 types,

(a) Normal size(25ml)

(b) Mini size ( 5ml)

(6) Cleansing Puff

For now, I am focus on Lipmatte since this is what I love.

But, I will try others products and let’s see.

If you feel you want to try, feel free to whatsapp me,


If you want to see the product catalogue, you can visit all my social media

Thank you for your support!




New Keriitleto.com

Hi there!

I think it’s not too late to do something new this new year right?

So, here I present to you guys!! THE NEW KERIITLETO.COM

Do you notice something NEW on keriitleto.com? I hope you notice it!

I changed keriitleto.com for a better than before!

What’s new?

Devices friendly

My old website really not devices friendly and I don’t really like that. If my website is not devices friendly then it will be not users/reader friendly too as not everyone using desktop now but most of you using your phone right? So, I decided to improve that. Can you see the improvement?

If it’s still not improved, please do let me know.

Secured sites

My previous website is not secure ( http), I am sorry and I hope there’s nothing happen to your side for this.

Now the site is secured ( https) so you can browse securely. There will be future plan why I make it secured site so stay tune for that.

My new vision and mission

Previously I write about my lifestyle in Semenanjung but this time, I have a vision and mission for my website. I love to share my experiences as a new parent and I love Borneo food so why not go for this.

Vision: One stop centre for a new parent and preserved Borneo food recipes and Borneo related stuffs.

Mission: To help new parent on their journey especially in mental health and make my readers want to make or try Borneo Food and Borneo related stuffs.

Still in progress

I just changed my blog hosting from blogger to webpress so please do expect some changes and I hope you can bear with this still in progress moment.

Thank you so much for visit and read my blog.

I will do my best to write something useful, entertained and inspired post for you guys.

Stay tuned and stay healthy.




Cara-cara membuat kuih kicap

Hi semua!

Kali ini saya akan share satu Borneo food resepi iaitu kuih kicap.Dalam banyak banyak kuih di dunia ini, kuih kicap menjadi kegemaranku.

Saya masih ingat kesedapan kuih kicap yang dibuat oleh Aunty Cina yang jual di pasar Belaga. Itulah yang dinanti-nantikan kalau tengah berjualan sayur disana.

Apabila berpindah ke Semenanjung, saya jarang menikmatinya, hanya mampu tengok orang buat di Facebook dan semasa boleh pergi gereja, kawan gereja selalu buat juga jadi terubatlah kerinduan. Sekarang tidak boleh pergi gereja, jadi saya harus belajar membuatnya.

Saya sudah mencuba banyak kali, gambar dibawah adalah percubaan pertama saya.

Percubaan seterusnya selepas saya beli senduk besi.

Saya ada share video steps by steps di Youtube saya

Selamat mencuba!

Dan jangan lupa share gambar dengan saya apabila kamu mencuba ikut resepi saya ya




Not so proud moment in my life

Hi there! I really don’t know how to start this post……I am about to share, about one of the not so proud moments in my life. Usually, I will share something that I feel good about or positive as I want to have a positive vibe on my blog. I don’t want my readers to feel stress or unhappy when reading my post. I know your life already stressful so I don’t want to add another negative vibe in your life.But, that will make me hide the reality of life. Life is full of ups and downs. So, that why I decided to share about this so you know that, everyone is having ups and downs, not happy all the time. 
What happens? 


I read a lot about depression, anxiety and stress before and I always think this is normal. No stress, no life lah. That what I always thought before.This does not happen overnight but I realized this start to happen after I back to work from my maternity leave. My response to stress is really different. I don’t want like this but I really can’t handle my emotion very well. Whenever I feel stressed, my body will be shaking and my heart will be beating so fast. Then, I will have anxiety throughout the day.

When I know it’s getting dangerous?

A month goes by, my workload is getting heavier and the stress level is increasing. At the same time, I resigned from my current job because I wanted to change my job so I can learn new thing and add new skills for my career. Also, my son is started to eat solid food, I always feel stress whenever think what to feed him. I really feel so overwhelmed with my life. Many “heavy” things happen at the same time.

I thought I can handle it like I used to but I am different now. I can’t handle it very well, I had anxiety throughout the day, panicking over everything, I cried randomly at night, many sleepless nights and I can’t control my emotion too.I know it’s getting dangerous when I started cannot focus at work, I don’t have the mood to take care of my baby, I feel so stress whenever he doesn’t want to eat or sleep and cried so much and I don’t have the mood to take care of our house too… I may look normal but its turbulence inside my head and heart. 

What did I do?

When I see my son and my husband, I need to do something about this. I don’t want to be in this situation for so long especially when it’s related to my family. So, I decided to get professional help. To be really honest, I feel so ashamed to admit that I am not okay and I burst in tears like crazy when I share with the doctor my story. Deep inside me feel so down on myself. I can’t believe I will be like this in 2021. My life is totally different then what I plan to.I will share how you can get the mental health services in Malaysia on a different post.

Did I forget to pray or read my Bible?

After this happens, I realized my relationship with God is not in very good terms. I was so busy with my life, new baby, new job scope and new me. I caught up with my busyness and I forgot I need God in my life. So, I U-turn and fix my relationship with God by read His word every day and pray every day even when I don’t need anything.

When you having an issue with your mental health, don’t keep it to yourself. Find your trusted friends and family and talk to them. If that does not make you feel okay, please please seek professional help. Don’t do this on your own.

Just in case you wanted to do a mental health screening, you can try below,https://www.mypsychology.my/mental-health-screening/
Just in case you know someone that has a thought on suicide, please contact below:https://www.befrienders.org.my/

Thank you so much for visit and reading my post until the end.I hope it useful for you.



10 tips for new mum from another new mum

I still can’t believe I’m being a mum for 8 months now…whoa!

I have learned so much for these past 8 months, so I want to shared my tips based on my experience and what I read.

  1. Motherhood is a journey

After I become a mum. I received a lot of advise from my friends, my sisters, my mum and my mother in laws. I really appreciate all the advises. But, not all advises is work for me. Sometimes I try to apply it but its not work, its okay. One common advise that I received is “Nap while the baby was napping”. This never work on me because I tend to “terlajak tido” so I prefer not to sleep. And, during this time, I try my best to find a new tips and get social like whatsapp my friends or watching my favorite Youtube channel. I need a entertainment too. The key here is find what works for you and forget what is not. Every baby and every mum is different. Don’t worry if some advise its not work for you.

2. Try to relax a little

Raising a baby start from day 1 is very very challenging. All you want is your baby is always healthy and never get sick. When the baby get sick, don’t panicking. I panicking a lot during my early day as a new mum. What I have learned is try to relax a little and at the same time, please monitor the baby closely. Janganlah pula sambil lewa… you have common sense.

3. Sometimes you don’t get everything done

It’s okay even the house is a mess and you haven’t completed anything on that day. Sometimes you don’t get everything done that you want to. It’s normal. Some days feel like forever and when your husband comes home, your house might look like “tokang pecah”. Some days, you might order fast food, feel like you don’t want to cook. That really is fine. You are a mom, you are doing a super hard job. If you have a day where you don’t get everything done on your to do list, it’s okay. You’re human and you’re amazing.

4. Love your body

This is something that I’m struggle with. Every day I need to told myself to love my body because everyday I hate my body. I gave birth 8 months ago and I still had a baggy and flabby tummy and the varicose veins will take time to go away.Your body is incredible, you pushed a baby out of your body. There was a human baby inside of you for nine months! Of course it will take time to back to normal. Be patient and be grateful for what your amazing body has done. Be nice to it and don’t get down on yourself.

5. Don’t let the mom quilt creep in

From the start of your motherhood, you should keep in mind that, mom guilt is a destructive habit. I have mum quilt whenever I going out or do what I love. But, before I got the baby, I do such things so not such thing to be guilty. You doing that for the sake of your sanity. Unless if you doing it too much then that’s different story. Every other mama out there is different than your life. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. Please remember, there’s no perfect mum so don’t feel bad for not being able to do everything all the time.

6. Don’t always on your phones

I really try my best doing this. I admit that, I am a mum that always on phone but I always realised its bad habit and I feel guilty to my son. I will put my phone away when my baby awake. When he sleep then I on my phones. I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that me and my husband are always on our phones. When your baby is awake, be with him. Don’t half with baby and half on Social media. Don’t get caught up in wasting time scrolling through photos and status of people you haven’t see since high school. Who care what they are doing? Your kids need you and putting your phone in a different room while you with them is not going to be something your regret.

7. Find a hobby outside of mothering

Motherhood is incredible but if you don’t have a hobby then you are going to be get burn out faster. I love blogging and its help to always learning and challenge me. It’s good to have a hobby as its good for your sanity. No matter what it is, please do your hobby too.

8. Listen to your heart

If there’s something wrong with your baby, go check on your baby. If you don’t feel good about doing something someone has suggested, don’t do it. You know your baby well than anyone else, so you make the final decision on what you do on your baby.

9. Always say “I love you”

As for me and my husband, we always say ” I love you” before we go to work and bedtime. Now, I want to make this as habit to say I love you to my son every goodbye to work, naps time and bedtime. He don’t understand now but I want him to know how I feel about them and its better to start early.

10. Keep memory journals

I am someone that love to remember date, questions for the doctor, things I don’t want to forget. I want to keep memory for his first smile, first laugh, the day he started crawling, funny things he do and say. Write things down! I think my memory get worse after I giving birth.

Pretty much that its! I have many tips but I think for now I will share 10 based on my experience. Remember, every mum is different so if one of this tips doesn’t work for you, its okay. You are different than me and before I go, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on being a new mummy and good luck! It’s the best thing in the world and you are going to love it!

Here is some photos of me and my son.

Do you have any other tips for the first time moms? Let me know.

If you want to know more tips on new mum, new parent and mental health, please don’t forget to follow my blog and see you on next post.



Karl Sibal’s mum ❤

A love letter to my husband

My husband and our so

On 13/Feb/2021, this is our conversation,

“Dear, esok hari apa?” with lovey dovey face( to give him signal).

He replied ” Hari Ahad”

I was “What!!!” (typical girl reaction), yes, it’s Sunday and it’s Valentine’s day!!

He didn’t know or he didn’t aware…


His action after that, is I love the most. His action is speak louder than a words. He do a lot of things yesterday. I assumed he like to expressed his appreciation ( but he always do these whenever he want to).

He vacuumed our house…

He even cuci our vacuum which I always try to avoid.

He taking care of our baby the whole weekend

During weekend, we focused on our son as during the weekday, we busy with our work, especially my husband, he still need to go to office while as for me, I work from home but still busy with work. We taking care of our son together but most of the time, he ooi ooi and I will do some other stuffs like cooking and washing dishes. Sometimes, he asked me to “tepi” so he can be near to our son. I love this.

He making formula milk for our baby

This look very small things but I really really appreciate and love this.

any many more…

I am very very grateful wife.

I texted him saying thank you for what he did yesterday and for whatever he did for our family. It’s really make me happy and “bahagia”, I don’t want chocolates ( my sis in law did give us), flowers or any gift because I got my biggest and precious gift ever!! My husband.

To my single friend, don’t be scared to get married. It’s blessed to have someone with you. Just my advise, choose wisely because the choice is yours.

My husband is not a perfect man, he did has his flaws ( same goes to me) but I want to remember the best things about him, his efforts and his love.

While we are at this, let’s love each others sincerely.

Your lovely wife


Karl Sibal 7 months ( Week 6)

I want to share weekly update of my son activity as he grown up so fast.

Syoknya tengok tv
Tengok kaki dia 🤣🤣
Unboxing his gift but he doesnt like it
Sorong kereta dia
Always wanted to be with mummy
Kacau urang
Kacau mummy make a video
Minum susu sambil cross legs
Teman mummy buat lipmatte review
Dia pun pening tgk baju2 dia 🤣🤣
Mau mndi pun sempt kacau
Kacau mummy buat kerja
Kacau lagi
Cuba masuk frame
Mata dia merah 😔😔

Anakku Karl Sibal membesarlah dengan baik dan selalu takut akan Tuhan.

My guide to find mental health help in Malaysia

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for your encouraging words, Like, Care, Love and Share my previous post on my Facebook(@Keriitleto Paya). I really appreciate it and that makes me want to recover even more. I will be strong!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will share how to find mental health help in Malaysia. Maybe some of my readers or your friends or somebody you know also had the same issue(mental health issue) so you can share this post with them. Hopefully, it’s helpful for them.

This post will be 2 parts. First part will be based on my experience and second part will be based on my research. 

[First part] How I get help? *Based on my experience.

Step 1: Get the referral letter

In order to make an appointment with Physciathric doctor at Government hospital, first, you need to get the referral letter from any clinic. Then, using that letter only you can get the appointment. But, it depends on your severity level too. If it’s high, then immediately you will get the appointment. I get this letter from the doctor from my company clinic panel after two times visit. The first time my visit, the doctor just give me medicine and I thought I will be fine and then after 2 weeks, I still feel the same and I requested to see the Physciathric doctor at hospital ( please inform with the hospital).

Step 2: Head over to the psychiatric department with the referral letter

After you get the referral letter, I went to the hospital and hand over the letter to Physciathric department. As I mentioned before, it depends on your severity level, the appointment will be set. If you feel really not okay, don’t hesitate to tell the nurse.

Step 3: Get an appointment

Then, after that, you will get your appointment. Please follow the date accordingly.

Step 4: Follow up

After a consult with the doctor, there will be follow up so need to follow that accordingly.

[Second Part] How to get help? * Based on my research.

Before I get professional help, I did a lot of research about how to get help and I found many useful websites. You can visit and read as below:



Welcome to People Psychological Solutions


If you’re not a reader type of person, you can check the infographic below:

Credit to –>  https://mentalhealth.my/where-to-find-mental-health-help/

Here are the list of Pusat Kesihatan Mental Masyarakat ( MENTARI)

You can check the hospital list

I hope this will be help for you.

Before I end this post, I hope you not feel ashamed to say you are not okay and get help. Don’t keep it to yourself. I’ve been on this so I know how its feel. Be brave!I’m still in the process to recover as this sickness is not recovering overnight, need time and need my willingness. I really want to get out of this sickness.

As a Christian, I started to get close to God and read my Bible. To be honest, I was too busy before and I always ignore this part in my life so I want to back to my foundation. You can start by read from this website first https://www.bible.com/ms or you can download the apps ( The Bible).

I hope you take away something from this post. If you know anyone that needs to know about this, you can share with them.
Thanks for reading until the end. God bless you.


Being a new parent during the pandemic

Hi there!

I feel I want to share about our experience as a new parent during the pandemic as the journey is not that easy.

This post main goal is to share the glimpse on being parent during the pandemic and my encouragement message.

Being pregnant alone

The pandemic hit our country back in March 2020, that time I’m still pregnant and I thought this will be away after sometimes, but after the government keep extending the MCO(Movement Control Order)/PKP, I knew that, this situation will never get away anytime soon so I prepared my mind and soul for it.

I know that, I will be giving birth alone, which is sad but what to do.

During MCO timing, its really hard for me to find the food that I love to eat because we can’t go anywhere. But, it’s okay, I can bear with that.

Deliver our baby alone

Then, on 1st July 2020, I delivered our baby baby. I still remember that time, its feel so alone and painful. I really need my husband around but he can’t come in to the ward, he just waiting outside the labor room. Which is really sad!

“Berpantang” alone

After I giving birth, another thing to worry about is who going to take care of me during my “pantang” time. I prayed so hard so my mum can come to Semenanjung. Thanks to God, “Tuhan buka jalan”, my mum able to come here since during that time its PKPP ( Fasa pemulihan), puji Tuhan!! My mum just take care of me for 1 month and I am super grateful for that. On August 2020, my in laws come visit. I am super duper grateful for that moment.

Celebrated important events on our own

This part is really hurt me so bad. I am really feel so down when government announced we can’t “rentas negeri” and if we want to go, we need to take swab test. How can my son do the swab test? I’m as adult already feel so hurt by that swab test, how about my baby? So, we decided to not to going back to Sabah or Sarawak. I feel so hurt! The last time, I saw my dad is during my wedding day, September 2019. It’s been 1 years plus now! This one really really hurt me! Also, we celebrated my son 100 days on our own, we can’t invite anyone because we are scared and we have our baby.

I feel really bad for my son

Above all, I really feel bad for my son! He didn’t get to know this beautiful world. He just see our four white walls, see people via video calls and just “jalan-jalan” at our house area. I feel so bad! Also, he just know me, my husband and Wiwie in his life.


What I can conclude my new role as a parent during the pandemic is very very challenging! I didn’t managed it well. I emotionally exhausted, physically tired and spiritually drained. I tried my best to recover myself from all these and I know, it’s take time!

Lastly, I knew its very challenging but I don’t want to give up! I will recover soon, be stronger then yesterday.

If you’re new parent, how about your journey so far?